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If you're looking for an interesting and intelligent Telugu based television program, the Telugu Web Series is just for you! This is a 14-episode web series based on the hit Telugu soap opera Aayum Adsit in collaboration with ETV Lakhu Televisition. Directed by S.S. Rajendran, the Telugu Web Series is executive produced by S.S. Rajendran, Priyadarshan Srinivasan, Sabyasaachi Karlekar, P. Suresh, and Sudheer Kamal Vaidya. Starring Sabyasaachi Karlekar, Naveen Radia, Kavilshmi Ravi, D. Santosh, and Naveen Kaushik, the Telugu Web Series is set to air on ETV Lakhu Television from April to May 2021. The main characters are: Oscillating Mind

"Aayum Adsit" or the Telugu Web Series directed by S.S. Rajendran focuses on the life of a young woman named Rita, who is very much close to her father and works in his liquor shop. Though the shop is the main source of income for her, she longs to have a good school and join a posh college. However, her best dream is to become a dancer in a famous Telugu dance academy. It's best friend and roommate in this show is Naveen Kaushik. Both of them always have differences, but they are always ready to team up to do the right thing.Telugu Web Series

"Zee5 - Pelli Gola" or "The Secret" is the second installment of the popular Telugu web series starring S.S. Rajendran. He plays the role of Kuttan, a detective whose quest leads him to the murder scene of a dead boy. Here, he teams up with Pelli Gola, a star player played by Sundariya. The two of them are supposed to be rivals, but they soon realize that their goals are similar. Kuttan also has to face some opposition from his friends who want to make money from the crime.

The third Telugu web series cast is none other than Aravindra Rashid. Aravindra plays the role of Avaidya in this series. He was earlier seen in the popular soap "Nemesis" and was awarded the best actor award at the eleventh annual Satellite Awards. Avaidya is in charge of getting his son out of jail so that he can be wed and start a family. His daughter Nemade is going through an arranged marriage with a film director named Ravi Teja.

Another character from the first Telugu series "Nemesis" is Nenu, a street urchin who sells liquor. Though most of the characters in this show are loners, Nenu is married to a local boy named Kasyu who works as a bodyguard. Kasyu's daughter Nemade is also married to a local boy named Mahera. In this new web series, Nenu has to deal with some issues regarding her daughter's impending marriage to a boy she doesn't know. Her mother tries to convince her to stop the marriage but Nenu has already made up her mind.

Bhargav Macharla Ane Telugu is yet another Telugu web-series directed by S.S. Rajamouli. This time, the show is about a young man named Prem Chopra who wants to be like in the movies when he grows up. Prem is studying computer programming at the local college but has to transfer to a different college because of a problem regarding his mother. This is the reason why Prem decides to enroll in a martial arts school named "Chalapuzha". With the help of his teacher Jivanan, Prem gets enrolled into the martial arts academy named "Chalapuzha", which is located in Alagar, Andal Pradesh.

Another Telugu web series revolves around a girl called Shimelia who gets married soon after her parents' marriage. She plans to live a sheltered life away from the hustle and bustle of the streets, but she soon realizes that her arranged marriage may not be what she expected. Her husband suddenly leaves the house and goes to an unknown location, leaving her heartbroken. Shimelia then decides to meet her new-found love who happens to be a renowned fighter known as "Yogi".

Overall, these three and erotica are directed by S.S. Rajamouli. They are all terrific films directed by one of the best and erotica filmmakers in the industry today, Mr. S.R. Ramalinga. Although they have their own unique style, all the three have the ability to provide many laughs and excellent drama.

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